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Hello! :wave:

My name is Karim Ratib. I consider myself a software “craftsman”, combining professional programmer, architect, tinkerer, learner, speculator, etc.

I’m also a lifelong music fan, learner and player. This will often show up in my repos.

I’m currently working as a solution architect with the Government of British Columbia among other clients. I am also offering Drupal consulting services through my own business.

If you’ve got some interesting music app projects, I’d love to hear from you! I have good experience (including professional work) with Web Audio, Web MIDI, MusicXML, and lots of music theory. You can check my music demos here.

Until 2020, and for ~10 years, I led a fantastic team of programmers at a great, small organization called Meedan. We worked on collaborative annotation systems for social media, notably applied to fact-checking. We open sourced all our code.

Before Meedan, we get into archeology - thanks to Wayback Machine for preserving my sites :raised_hands:

Contact Me

If you have a project where you think my skills would be valuable, I would love to hear from you! The more details you include in your message, the more accurately I'll be able to respond. Thanks for your interest.