Views for hackers at VanDUG

I gave my "Views for Hackers" presentation at the Vancouver Drupal Users Group (aka Vancouver League of Drupalers). This is an updated version from the Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit earlier this month. Roland Tanglao filmed it and posted it on Qik - thanks Roland! Thanks The Jibe for providing the space (in the same building where I work no less!)

views_for_hackers.odp127.48 KB


Thank you for this

Thank you for this presentation on views development! I downloaded the slides as a reference for my own work. I know from experience that it's easy to get lost until you've coded several handlers.

As mentioned in the video, it is very helpful to start with an overview of the views architecture. There are many great blog posts with useful code, but until you understand the pieces, it can be tough to modify it for your needs.

Thanks shinzou, glad you

Thanks shinzou, glad you found it useful.


Excellent explanation. Hope you can do this at DrupalCon Chicago, I think it would be really helpful for a lot of people. Also, it would be great to have a good recording of it to go in the handbook.

Thanks Lin. I would

Thanks Lin. I would definitely love to present this at an upcoming DrupalCon.

I was hoping this here site

I was hoping this here site might be an answer to that one ;-)