Views for hackers at PNW Summit

I gave a talk about programming Views at the Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit 2010. Attached are the slides (OpenOffice Presentation format.) They are also up on SlideShare.

If you attended the talk, I'd really appreciate your feedback here. Thanks :-)

views_for_hackers.odp116.43 KB


So wish I could have seen

So wish I could have seen your presentation. Maybe we can get you to do an encore presentation at one of the user group meetings.

Hey Dale, thanks! I'd be glad

Hey Dale, thanks! I'd be glad to do it again, it needs some tweaking :-)

Are there any notes or a live

Are there any notes or a live recording for this? I'm really interested in views coding but documentation is so decentralized it's hard to know what to read.

Updated version with video

I gave that talk again and this time it was recorded.

Video Recording

Maybe you could do a Drupal-Dojo session?

That's a good idea. In the

That's a good idea. In the meantime, check this very similar Drupal-dojo session:

I don't think the session was

I don't think the session was recorded on video, and I have no notes :-( I think the best way to get into Views coding is to read the code itself. My slides on architecture should help out with the big picture. Good luck!

Lessons learned from the talk

  • Make sure to test your presentation slides against the projector you'll be using ahead of time: why waste all the effort preparing them if you can't show them properly!
  • Explicitly mention Views being OOP on the inside.
  • Include ORDER BY and URL arguments in the architectural overview slide.
  • Better prepare the examples to avoid wasting time.
  • 45 minutes is hardly enough - consider splitting into beginner/intermediate sessions.
  • base table = view type

Great talk

I enjoyed the talk very much. Especially how you explained the views architecture first, then dove into how the code was structured. This gave me a great framework to start from. I'm only a beginner when it comes to these topics but showing your methodology on how to approach views code analysis was very helpfull. thank you.


Glad you found it useful. I was indeed hoping this architectural overview would make it easier for beginning Views programmers to dive into it. Otherwise, the details can seem daunting.