My distro wish list

"Install profile" is a really awful name, don'tcha think? I prefer "Drupal distro".

Here are some distros that I would love to work on:

  • An agile software project management environment - Sort of Trac on steroids.
  • Sharepoint - Just to spite'em ;-)
  • Family finances - My wife and I have been using Drupal for about a year to track our finances.
  • Festival site - Managing past and future installments of a festival.
  • Personal - A cross between iTunes and your personal media collection, online and ready to be streamed wherever you are.
  • An email reader / contact manager / calendar / task manager.

What is your distro wish list?


I'm attempting (as a new

I'm attempting (as a new Drupal user) to create a port/re-make of a massive US DoD-wide healthcare/electronic medical records management system, using Drupal 7.9 and contributed modules. The original system(s) I'm trying to replace with this are AHLTA, CHCS, PIMR, AFCHIPS, AFCITA and ASIMS. You likely haven't heard of those if you don't work in a military hospital. I sure didn't.

Nice little hobby I'd say. I found some excellent resources from on referencing nodes and incorporating views. If you have any input you should definitely send it my way. I could always use a Drupal guru at my disposal while doing this project.

And yes, I did notice this post was 2 years old.

Closer to reality

This week, Fully packaged Drupal distributions were introduced on This will hopefully create more interest in packaging new distros.