Modules I would love to write (given enough resources etc.)

If you are ready to sponsor the creation of these modules, or want to help with their development, please contact me! And if they exist already, do let me know :-)

  • An infinite scroll Views 3.x pager plugin. The auto-scroller would refresh the view page with the contents of the next page, as returned by the pager.

  • Exporters (based on CTools Exportables) for blocks, menus, taxonomies and other core objects.

  • Single-field editor popups (based on Popups API). On the node view page, place an "edit" icon next to each field that, when clicked, opens a modal dialog with the field's editing control. Submitting this form refreshes the node view page. TMFT - Modal Frame CCK Editor


Modal popups

This might help you, .

Thanks! Turns out the

Thanks! Turns out the single-field popups are implemented in Modal Frame CCK Editor. There is a module for that indeed :-)