No, this is not a YouTube clone in Drupal. But it sure got your attention!

Visit DruTube and if you're interested, read on. A packaged feature is available below.

It's a little demo of a Feeds + MediaFront + Embedded Media Field + CCK + Views mashup to create a continuous-playing experience of Drupal videos on YouTube. It took me about 15 minutes to create, and here's the recipe:

  • Install latest Feeds, MediaFront, Embedded Media Field, CCK, and Views. Be sure to enable Embedded Video Field.
  • Download the patch to let Feeds support Embedded Media Field - actually it's not a patch, just the .inc file itself. Copy it to feeds/mappers under the name emfield.inc.
  • Create 2 new content types:
    • "Video feed" that will act as the feed container.
    • "Video" where you add an Embedded Video field "Video" that accepts YouTube videos.
  • Create a new Feeds importer with the following settings:
    • Basic settings: attached to "Video feed"
    • Fetcher: "HTTP Fetcher"
    • Parser: "Common syndication parser"
    • Processor: "Node processor", content type = "Video", update existing items
    • Mapping:
      • Title => Title
      • Item URL (link) => Video
      • Item GUID => GUID, set as Unique target
  • Create a new MediaFront preset. The default values are fine.
  • Create a new View to display the MediaFront player:
    • Type: "Node"
    • Filters: "Node: Type" = "Video"
    • Arguments: "Feeds Item: Owner feed nid" with default argument = "Node ID from URL" and with validator set to Node Type = "Video feed"
    • Fields: "MediaFront: Preset"
    • Display: Media Player Page with:
      • Path = node/%/videos
      • Menu = Menu tab entitled "Videos"

We're ready to roll! Create a new "Video feed" node, give it a YouTube feed URL such as http://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/base/videos?q=drupal&client=ytapi-youtube..., then click the Videos and enjoy!


The above recipe is packaged as a feature, attached to this post. You'll still need to manually:

  • Patch Feeds
  • Create the MediaFront preset. Make sure to name it "feeds" because that's what the view expects.

Known issues

There had to be something, right? One current limitation with Feeds is that it doesn't support retrieving paged feeds, meaning that one can only retrieve the first page of results. This will surely be the subject of a future patch...

drutube-6.x-1.0.tgz2.83 KB


Pretty good

Checked it out, It's pretty good overall!

I should learn to create

I should learn to create screencasts, I know!


Or turn this into a Feature!


Thanks for your feedback, Boris. I attached the feature. Still need to patch Feeds and recreate the MediaFront preset though...