Building #recotype, part 1: Weaving threads out of tweets

Earlier this year, I talked about the value of monitoring Twitter to extract valuable data. About a month ago, we finally decided to go ahead and build our application based on this concept. The core idea is pretty simple: people use the #reco hashtag to recommend things or ask for recommendations on Twitter.

Using Drupal to analyze Twitter data

The Twitter dataset is an insanely valuable source of useful social networking information. That explains the huge number of Twitter-related sites that spring up, each one performing one specific analysis of Twitter data. The one I was looking at today is TwitterSheep which just creates a tagadelic-type cloud of keywords, from a user's followers' bios. Pretty neat idea, but it was frustrating that the Web application didn't let me actually see who of my followers are in which category - and make a list out of them, and email them, etc.

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