Fun with Views and Location

For my day job, I've been using the Location module quite extensively. Thanks to its many contributed modules, it integrates with various parts of the Drupal ecosystem, including Views, making it a good base to start developing your own location-aware features. Here are some puzzles I faced during the past few days:

Filtering views with existing cities

The city filter is a text field. That's not ideal because it does not give users a hint about existing cities in the database.

Modules I would love to write (given enough resources etc.)

If you are ready to sponsor the creation of these modules, or want to help with their development, please contact me! And if they exist already, do let me know :-)

  • An infinite scroll Views 3.x pager plugin. The auto-scroller would refresh the view page with the contents of the next page, as returned by the pager.

  • Exporters (based on CTools Exportables) for blocks, menus, taxonomies and other core objects.

  • Single-field editor popups (based on Popups API).

Translating Entity-Relationship modeling to Drupal

Originally published at OpenCraft

Using the CCK + Views platform, we can replicate the traditional ER (Entity-Relationship) framework into a rapid application development environment that minimizes procedural and SQL programming by replacing most of it with "Visual ER programming": a way to specify data model and behaviour in terms of SQL-like abstractions directly inside the runtime Drupal environment - and reaping the benefits of incremental, always functional output.

ER Modeling

ER modeling deals with defining entities and relations among them.

Sheetnode: Online spreadsheets just like regular nodes!

Originally published at OpenCraft.

Google Spreadsheets are cool, but their problem is that they are hosted at Google instead of in your intranet portal. That means that they don't integrate easily with your other Web documents, in terms of classification, indexing, permissions, etc. The API provided by Google does help there, it's true. But what about adding new features? Google Docs simply isn't open source, and therefore is not ideal.

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