No, this is not a YouTube clone in Drupal. But it sure got your attention!

Visit DruTube and if you're interested, read on. A packaged feature is available below.

It's a little demo of a Feeds + MediaFront + Embedded Media Field + CCK + Views mashup to create a continuous-playing experience of Drupal videos on YouTube.

Keeping views under control

It's no secret that version control on Drupal is hard. Specifically, the problem of iteratively building a site on a staging server, then moving it to a running production system has been the source of countless wasted hours, lost data, pulled hair, blog posts, and modules promising a solution. On Twitter, some would say #drupal #migration #fail.

This post is not the answer to this problem. I just want to show actual code that helps with a small part of it, namely keeping views under version control.

Translating Entity-Relationship modeling to Drupal

Originally published at OpenCraft

Using the CCK + Views platform, we can replicate the traditional ER (Entity-Relationship) framework into a rapid application development environment that minimizes procedural and SQL programming by replacing most of it with "Visual ER programming": a way to specify data model and behaviour in terms of SQL-like abstractions directly inside the runtime Drupal environment - and reaping the benefits of incremental, always functional output.

ER Modeling

ER modeling deals with defining entities and relations among them.

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