Javascript-related articles.

Arabic music notation in the browser

I created a bare-bones content filter to add musical notation to Drupal content, using the VexFlow / VexTab music engraving library. Here's a little sample, also showing my fork of the original library to handle basic Arabic musical notation (quarter tones and special scales): [vextab] tabstave notation=true tablature=false clef=treble key=Rast notes C/4 D/4 E%@/4 F/4 | G/4 A/4 B%@/4 C/5 [/vextab]

Feel free to fiddle with the music snippet above.

WorkerQueue: Background tasks in JavaScript

One of the most enjoyable aspects of maintaining Sheetnode is getting to practice more JavaScript. Douglas Crockford called it the World's Most Misunderstood Programming Language and that's certainly how it's been for me until I decided to put a concerted effort in finding out more about it.

Sheetnode's underlying spreadsheet engine, SocialCalc, is entirely client-side, JavaScript-based.

Feedeo: an experiment in online video consumption

One of my tenacious ideas is to create a TV-like experience using Web video. In spite of great players such as Boxee, I still feel there's more that can be done.

For one, my ideal player should be Web-based, not a desktop application. That's why I liked YouTube XL and like YouTube Leanback even more.

Secondly, the player should present a simple UI that allows the viewer to surf the enormous amount of existing Web video with minimal interaction. The UI should favour discovery over explicit search.

Going fullscreen in JavaScript/jQuery

I'm no fan of Flash. Even the name annoys me :-) But I feel that recreating its capabilities using the trio HTML/CSS/JavaScript (isn't there an acronym for these 3 interrelated technologies?) is often non-trivial.

A case in point: I recently added to Sheetnode the feature of editing the spreadsheet fullscreen. While every Flash component has a fullscreen option, I couldn't even find a jQuery component that implements this functionality.

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