Drupal install profiles and configuration management.

Features and i18n configuration management, part 2: Menu item madness

Last week, I started writing about my tribulations managing the configuration of a multisite, multilingual application using Features, i18n, and friends. I listed the site components that needed to be managed, and described the basics of saving string translations in a feature.

This week, I'll describe a particularly challenging component I had to deal with: inoffensive-sounding menu items. Should be easy, right?

Features and i18n configuration management, oh my! Part 1

In my role as development team leader, I am responsible for the application architecture that allows other team members to focus on building functionality with minimum friction and rework. As such, one of my biggest tasks is to ensure that new features and configurations can be reliably deployed to the various stages: development, testing and production.

My current project is an Arabic/English application built on Drupal 7, that is deployed in multisite fashion to several partners.

Hacking Managing News, part 2: Monitoring topics

Compared to Tattler, one of the weaknesses of Managing News is the lack of topic monitoring - where a user inputs a keyword phrase representing a topic and the system takes care of tracking this topic across pre-selected RSS sources.

Soon after we started using Managing News, this requirement came up.

Hacking Managing News, part 1: Adding a Starred channel

For my work with AdHack, I've started using Managing News as a Drupal-based solution for brand monitoring. As with most Development Seed products, it's a well-designed piece of software that is a joy to work with and enhance.

One of my first tasks was to allow users to mark articles with a star, and to find those starred items in their own channel. In MN, channels are lists of articles that are tagged with a specific set of tags.

My distro wish list

"Install profile" is a really awful name, don'tcha think? I prefer "Drupal distro".

Here are some distros that I would love to work on:

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