They said: come for the code, stay for the community. Okay!

Is there a module for that?

Jeff Geerling graciously transferred his "Is there a module for that?" tongue-in-cheek domain name to me. Thanks Jeff!

Is there a module for that?

So, IS there a module for that? Probably. But if not, the Drupal community is large and will help you. You can even ask me to do it for you :-)

Anonymous wish list sender: thank you!

I received today a gift from my Amazon wish list - namely, the Cat Stevens - Footsteps in the Dark album. Since I couldn't tell from the packaging who purchased this item, I am posting here to tell you:

Thank you! Much appreciated :-)

VBO for D7, with a little help from my Drupal friends

I've been a lazy adopter of Drupal 7. I admit it, mea culpa, but I'll leave this discussion to another post. What happened in the mean time is that VBO for D7 languished for a year or so in a zombie state until it was rescued in early May by Bojan Živanović, bojanz on d.o. He started out by announcing a sandbox project containing his code, and a few days later, I was convinced that this was the way to go for VBO on D7.

Views for hackers at DrupalCon Chicago 2011

I gave my "Views for hackers" talk at DrupalCon Chicago yesterday. This was definitely the biggest attendance I've ever had in my short experience as a speaker! Thanks everyone for attending and for the great questions. Please rate it at the DrupalCon site, this will help me improve it.

Views for hackers at VanDUG

I gave my "Views for Hackers" presentation at the Vancouver Drupal Users Group (aka Vancouver League of Drupalers). This is an updated version from the Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit earlier this month. Roland Tanglao filmed it and posted it on Qik - thanks Roland!

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