Ingesting the Facebook stream using Feeds and OAuth 2.0 (updated for Drupal 7)

Now that Twitter 1.1 and Feeds are buddies, time to move to other data sources. Next up: Facebook. Using trusty Feeds and friends, I was able to ingest my own Facebook home feed. Here's how to replicate this:

For the impatient, attached is a feature that should get you set up quickly.

Time for Views.js?

Web applications are changing. Whereas most of the processing used to happen on the server, the current generation of browsers is capable of performing non-trivial tasks via the increasingly powerful HTML5 + JavaScript environment. Drupal, however, is still a server-heavy platform where JavaScript is used mostly as user interface candy.

Building #recotype, part 1: Weaving threads out of tweets

Earlier this year, I talked about the value of monitoring Twitter to extract valuable data. About a month ago, we finally decided to go ahead and build our application based on this concept. The core idea is pretty simple: people use the #reco hashtag to recommend things or ask for recommendations on Twitter.

Translating Entity-Relationship modeling to Drupal

Originally published at OpenCraft

Using the CCK + Views platform, we can replicate the traditional ER (Entity-Relationship) framework into a rapid application development environment that minimizes procedural and SQL programming by replacing most of it with "Visual ER programming": a way to specify data model and behaviour in terms of SQL-like abstractions directly inside the runtime Drupal environment - and reaping the benefits of incremental, always functional output.

ER Modeling

ER modeling deals with defining entities and relations among them.

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